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Business Friendly

"La Borda de Ritort - Turisnat Business Friendly" provides a space in a unique natural setting in the Pyrenees where you can hold events of any kind for companies (incentives, travel loyalty disconnect sessions, product presentations, ...) and where the utilization and performance of the participants is guaranteed by the climate of cooperation and activities and resources we provide.

With an area of nearly 30,000m2 you can enjoy moments of work, leisure, relaxation, adventure ... all in one, and always under our direction and advice.

We offer differents possibilities and programs to our customers; only as a reference, we can be proud of the leading companies that have chosen us:

1. Canon España
2. France TelecomAperitius.JPG
3. Catalana Occidente
4. Nike Spain
5. Mapfre Seguros
6. Brand - Diari Esportiu
7. Sport - Diari Esportiu
8. Cuatrecasas
9. MCM Consulting
10. BDO Audiberia
11. Polar
12. Mapfre Industrial
13. Editorial SalvatRAFTING RAID.jpg
14. Amena
15. Nord Cargo
16. Campus Joventut Badalona
17. Congrés STAC
18. Laboratoris Dr. Esteve
19. Media Markt
20. Checom Iberia
21. Schibsted Products
22. Rip Curl

Request us and we adapt to all possibilities to ensure 100% success of your company or group