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Bodacivil.jpgMarry is the most important event of your life, whether first marriage as if celebrating the silver anniversary or even gold.

Celebrate your wedding in Borda de Ritort means to realize the wedding of your dreams.

In a unique setting surrounded by nature, where arrive night the setting is pure magic, enjoy your link and will be an excellent memory for a lifetime partner.

Detallnuvia.JPGSnacks served in our gardens, fromal dinners in tents in the open or private rooms for small groups, red carpet entry, possible civil ceremony in the garden of Centennial Trunk or religious wedding ceremony in the Church of Sant Feliu de Sort or the Monastery Romanesque Santa Maria de Gerri de la Sal

Means choosing to have everything organized and not have to think of anything more than to receive the congratulations of all his guests later

Camper WeddingNuvia i cavallbodaacavall.JPG


And for those couples who want a more natural wedding, we offer our popular "Camper Wedding"

Based on local cuisine Pyrenean DO and native Pallars; from meat to cheeses; and natural environment of the Valley of Vernedes in Sort and the sound of the river Noguera Pallaresa background; we suggest the following programm:

  • Staging of Ceremony
  • Barbacue Outdoor Dinner
  • DJ Music
  • One night lodging
  • Typical Chocolat Breakfast


* Moreover, One Souvenir Photos CD de fotos of "la Borda de Ritort"

Price for person: 100 Euros



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