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copy_of_DetallEsmorzar.jpgAccommodation of this nature would not be the same if the food is not the most authentic of our traditions. As shown, our breakfast of peasant, because beyond jams and milk or coffee can taste meats and cheeses hand made and purchased directly from local producers, bread baked in the wood and freshly cooked hot breakfast from eggs fried to “tortillas” stuffed up. As we say in the mountains, to have a good day you should start with a good breakfast, and the Borda will.

As for the dinner and thinking about the different of tastes that can be our clients, we offer mountain cuisine combined with other simpler options such as sandwiches, salads, pastas and pizzas.

And for those who want to enjoy a quality Slow Food restaurant we offer the "Rest & Burguer" Sort, where to eat our ecoburguers and fondues are a pleasure